Why Clamour?

Clamour is sustainably sourced, BIODEGRADABLE glitter, that's designed to MAKE UP, then BREAK DOWN. It can be used for anything from crafts to cosmetics: the only limit is your imagination! Clamour is a fish-friendly way to look glamorous. Our glitter is marine and soil biodegradable. It's made from sustainably sourced tree cellulose instead of petroleum and is softer on the skin. All our packaging is either highly recyclable or compostable. Each glassine envelope is pre-mixed with complimentary colours and different grain sizes. We've made looking glamorous effortless, affordable and environmental.


Minimal Packaging: Biodegradable envelopes and Sugar Cane Sticker
Efficient Distribution
Marine and Waste Water biodegradable (satisfies ASTM D7081-05 standard)
Certified compostable in: industrial composting, anaerobic digester and OK home
Manufactured from wood pulp, primarily Eucalyptus sourced to FSC® or PEFC™ standards


Compliant with EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
Antimony levels below detection level
No animal testing
Vegan Friendly
No Parabens, Phthalates or Phosophonates
Chunky glitter shouldn't be used near eyes


30-40% softer on skin
Pre-designed looks
Apply with cosmetic glue, lip balm or coconut butter


Manufactured, Packed and distributed in the UK
No Animal Testing
Red Nose Charity Edition

You may have heard about the problem with microplastics. They’re tiny bits of plastics in some cosmetics that get washed down the drain. These tiny bits of plastic are so small that they bypass our filtration systems and end up in our oceans. They act like a sponge for toxins and are attractive to fish and get mistaken for food. It then works it’s way up the food chain onto our plates.

Normal glitter is made from tiny bits of PET plastic and it too is a micro plastic. Ours is made from bio-based cellulose that will breakdown in soil and in marine environments.

Meaning we can look clam-orous with our conscience rested easily!

We’re serious about the environment, so what good would biodegradable glitter be wrapped up in a ton of plastic? Glitter normally comes in these polystyrene pots that aren’t easily recycled. We instead use biodegradable glassine envelopes sealed with a sugarcane sticker. These coin sized envelopes are the perfect amount for a weekend festival or to add sparkle to you and your friends evening.

You could say, with simple, clean packaging, we allow the product, to shine [Wink]

Our name Clamour also means “a large, persistent outcry” and we like to think that’s us, standing up against big industry cosmetics polluting our planet. So shout about your Clamour experience using the hashtag *LoveGlitterHateLitter

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the product. We also provide personalised glitter envelopes for special events like weddings and also commercial uses. Please email Amanda on : Hello@clamourGlitter.com

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